Dry Eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common eye problems that affects millions of men and women in the United States. For many dry eye sufferers, their continued discomfort is the result of not being able to identify the signs and symptoms of dry eyes and seek out a dry eye specialist who can offer the proper evaluation and treatment plan.

By spending just a few minutes taking the following dry eye quiz, the results will help you learn a great deal about dry eyes so that you can ask Dr. Chu about possible solutions.

Do You Suffer From Dryness in Your Eyes?
Do You Suffer From Red or Burning Eyes?
Do You Suffer From Blurry Vision That Changes When You Blink?
Do You Suffer From a Sandy, Scratchy or Gritty Feeling in Your Eyes?
Do You Suffer From Watering or Excessive Tearing?
Do You Suffer From Sore Eyes?
Do You Suffer From Contact Lens Discomfort?
Do You Suffer From Light Sensitivity?
Do You Suffer From Mucous Secretions?
Do You Suffer From A Dry Mouth?
Do You Suffer From Arthritis or Any Joint Diseases?
Do You Use Artificial Tears or Lubricating Eye Drops?
Do You Take Medications Such as Diuretics for High Blood Pressure?
Do You Take Medications Such as Decongestants or Allergy Medications?
Do You Have Hormonal Changes Associated With Menopause?
Do You Have Thyroid Disease?